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About Jack

John (Jack) Bedell, Professor Emeritus California State University, Fullerton

Jack Bedell cares about the education of our children:

Jack and his wife of 51 years raised a son and daughter in Fullerton where they have lived since 1969. Sue was a special education teacher before retiring. They have four grand children (two are in a charter school in Utah, and two are in public school). Dr. Bedell has worked as a university educator and faculty leader for over 40 years. 

Jack Bedell has served our community:

    Jack currently serves on the Orange County Board of Education including terms as     President and Vice President.

    Jack is the Regional Director for the California County Boards of Education, as well as former     President, VP and Treasurer for CCBE and also serves as a delegate to the California School     Boards Association.

    He served as president and vice president Fullerton Civic Light Opera Board of Directors

    For nine years he served as a member of the Fullerton School District School Board including     two terms as chair.

    He was president Lutheran Campus Ministry of Southern California.

    He is a former member of the Republican Central Committee.

    He is a former chair of Academic Senate where he led a successful effort to remove or revise     out-of-date policies and was re-elected six times


Jack Bedell supports sound education policies:

Jack supports high academic standards, local control and teacher, student and parent accountability. He has worked to protect student pathways for high school math, drafted and shepherded the Summer Bridge program to ease the transition from high school to university especially for disadvantaged students, and works to provide a safe learning environment for all students.

Jack strongly encourages parent participation and supports character education with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, cooperation and service in addition to a well-balanced school experience in science, technology, math, language arts, fine arts, social science and sports. 

You can contact Jack at

Committee to Elect John (Jack) Bedell, Ph.D. Orange County Board of Education, Trustee Area 4, 2016  ID# 1382853
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